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Age: 13


6th South Qld Titles, Cooloola
3rd Qld Titles, Cairns

2013 Age: 9 ...
4th 6 Round shootouts
2nd South Qld Titles, Toowoomba
3rd Qld Titles, Nerang
Crashed Aussie Titles, Sleeman

2014 Age: 10
3rd 6 Round shootouts
6th South Qld Titles, Caboolture
3rd Qld Titles, Sleeman
Crashed Aussie Titles, Shepparton
4th Aussie Titles Qld Crackerjacks, Shepparton
Crackerjacks are only Top 3 riders of each state

2015 Age 11
1st 6 Round shootouts
3rd South Qld Titles, Centenary Plains
3rd Qld Titles, Cairns
Crashed Aussie Titles, Sleeman
Qualified for Crackerjacks but did not race
4th ACT Titles, Canberra

2016 Age 12
7th 6 Round shootout, raced kids aged a year older
2nd South Qld Titles, Nerang
2nd Qld Titles, Sleeman
Crashed Aussie Titles, Bathurst
5th Aussie Titles Qld Dynamites, Bathurst
Dynamites are only top 3 riders from each state.

2017 age 13
1st 6 round shootouts ,race a age up with 14 boys
4th Australia titles ,sleeman
2017 Aussie titles Qld dynamites, sleeman


The World Championships 2017!

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Go Fund Me Page:  https://www.gofundme.com/worlds-bmx-tristan-scott 

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Contact gottalovelogancity.com.au for advertising or sponsorship. Tristan is able to display logos on his clothing. Gotta Love Logan will support Tristan by offering promoting sponsors and providing advertising on the Gotta Love Logan Webstie. 

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Hi everyone I am trying to raise funds for my nephew Tristan Scott. He is a 12yr old boy with the passion for BMX he has been racing BMX since he was 3yrs old his dream is to ride in the worlds and be in the Olympics when he’s older. For 4yrs straight he was 3Q and this year got 2Q. He is from Logan and he is a member of the Logan City BMX club. Tristan is currently racing up an age in the 6 round shootout, will be racing the australian titles in coming months .He also just made the 2017 QLD Dynamite team. The money raised through this will be used to purchase flights and accommodation, for Tristan and his family to go to rock hill, it will also be used for nomination fees for Tristan as well as any necessary bike equipment and repairs. Tristan is not a sponsored rider everything he does has been done by himself and family, any help getting Tristan to the BMX Worlds Titles in America would be greatly appreciated will also help him more forward in his BMX and maybe one day race in the Olympics. Tristan will be very thankful because it will be his chance to represent his Country and achieve his dream. For anymore details on tristan please goto .. https://www.facebook.com/103bmx/ The World Titles will be held at: BMX World Title: Rock Hill USA Dates: 24th -30th July 2017


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